Combining expertise and innovation to achieve maximum social impact

About Us

Syncora brings together specialist companies and charities with a shared vision. Together, we achieve maximum social impact by creating effective, collaborative services that make a real difference to people’s lives.

Our flexible approach, our award-winning staff, and our wide range of expertise help us adapt to the fast-changing environment in which we work. Our purpose, imagination and passion drive us to find solutions to problems in exciting new ways.

The widest expertise

Each Syncora company has its own specialism, dedicated staff and an impressive track record in healthcare, support, and employability, and we’ve helped thousands of people and their families to live life to the fullest.

We’ve developed longstanding partnerships across the North of England to develop new services and build specialist accommodation; investing in services that help families and communities overcome challenges, such as domestic abuse, homelessness, and dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Combined commercial strength

Individually we’re strong, but through collaboration and innovation we know we can have an even greater social impact; offsetting the effects of cuts to public expenditure by creating exciting, integrated solutions to complex social problems.

That’s why we’ve come together as Syncora.

We know that when we combine our expertise, our passion and combined commercial strength, we can deliver bold new services and offer end-to-end support for people who most need it.

We’re also part of The Calico Group which underpins everything we do with excellent governance, high standards and the support of a leading housing provider.

People you can trust

We’re passionate and values-led, and our people are aligned and recruited to be committed to, and care about:

  • going one step further with customers
  • promoting individual and team wellbeing
  • improving and strengthening ourselves and our organisation.

Together, we focus on ‘doing the right thing’ in our customers’ interests; challenging processes or organisational barriers (others’, as well as ours) wherever we need to.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and developing trusting partnerships – you’ll find that what we say, what we do and what you see are the same.

A better way

Building upon strong foundations, we’ll collaborate, develop and innovate; winning new business, and show how integrated services make a difference to even more people’s lives.

We’ll maintain the highest standards of care and support by continuing to invest in our people, and together achieve the highest levels of employee engagement.

If you would like to know more about the full potential of our integrated service offer, we’d love to hear from you.

For all general and customer enquiries

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