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Acorn - A Calico Group Service

Acorn Recovery Projects has been successfully providing abstinence-based drug and alcohol treatments since 1997. Acorn has also developed supported accommodation to offer longer term assistance and low-level support to people in recovery.

Through their commitment, creativity and expertise, Acorn inspire and motivate change within communities and future generations by enabling people to achieve a Life Worth Living.

Delphi - A Calico Group Service

Delphi Medical is an independent provider of drug and alcohol treatment in the UK with an excellent track record of forming and sustaining joint working relationships with local governments, specialist NHS services, sexual health services, doctors, pharmacists, and prison governors

They have expertise in: Community Drug and Alcohol Treatment; Offender Health; Inpatient Detoxification Services and Clinical Systems and Training.

SafeNet - A Calico Group Service

SafeNet is committed to addressing all aspects of gender and family violence to create safer environments for all. For more than 40 years, they have been keeping victims and survivors safe, and have developed expertise to work effectively with a wide variety of customers.

SafeNet provides support services and work to prevent violence and abuse; promoting safe and healthy relationships and the conditions for productive and positive futures.

Calico Enterprise

Calico Enterprise aims to be a catalyst for change in people’s lives and deliver a broad range of service offers that support individuals and families.

They relieve the charitable needs of people with disabilities, ill-health or in necessitous circumstances through the provision of support services. In addition, they provide education and training for people who are unemployed, low paid, or have limited skills.

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