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Terms and Conditions

The last date for discounted admissions is 31/03/2019.

Full payment must be made on or before the day of admission.

For the discount to apply a detox plan must be booked for a minimum of seven consecutive days. For rehab/dayhab bookings the minimum is 4 weeks.

All other terms and conditions apply.

The Pavilion is a company registered in England and Wales, regulated by the Care Quality Commission. The Pavilion is based on Ashton Road in Lancaster, LA1 5AZ. Our telephone number is 01524 39375. Our company registration number is 06944767 and our registered office is at Centenary Court, Burnley, Croft Street, Burnley, BB11 2ED.

If you have any questions about the terms of this agreement, or if you have a formal complaint, please email or telephone 01253 405072 and ask to speak with a member of the Corporate Services team.

These are the terms and conditions by which The Pavilion provides its services to you, as agreed within your Treatment Plan. Please ensure that you read these terms, as your admission onto the unit will act as your agreement to them. If you are unsure about anything within this booklet please speak with The Pavilion’s Admissions Coordinator or a member of The Pavilion management team.

The Pavilion will provide its services to you for the period set out in your Treatment Plan. Upon entering the unit, you are required to abide by The Pavilion’s rules and regulations as a condition of our contract with you.

The fees attached to our services are set out in your Treatment Plan.

  1. Payment of fees is due prior to your admission onto the unit.
  2. If payment is not received, admission onto the unit may be cancelled or postponed until payment has been received.
  3. If your stay is extended and additional fees agreed, additional fees shall be payable not less than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the extension period.
  4. Where events outside of control occur (any act or event beyond reasonable control, including but not limited to, the closure of the unit, fire, flood, earthquake, epidemic or other natural disaster) preventing the ability to provide services, we shall refund to you a fair proportion of the fee.
  5. Subject to point 4, if you cancel a Treatment Plan, are discharged for failing to follow the unit’s rules and regulations, or discharge yourself from the unit prior to your planned discharge, no refund will be due and you will remain liable for the fee agreed.

The Pavilion staff will be committed to working with you to help you achieve freedom from dependence. The team will offer support and guidance to help you address issues surrounding your drug and/or alcohol problem, and will provide you with appropriate information and guidance to help you maintain your own recovery.

Rules and regulations are implemented to ensure the safety of The Pavilion patients, staff and visitors. As explained above, The Pavilion rules and regulations form part of our contract with you and breach of such could lead to your discharge from the unit.

  • Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol or medication not prescribed, are all strictly banned from the unit.
  • Medication must be taken in the presence of staff and taken only as prescribed.
  • Urine samples must be provided when requested.
  • Threats of violence, or actual violence, will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • All money (including credit/debit cards) will be logged onto a personal belongings record and kept securely in a locked area until discharge.
  • Patients are required to remain on Pavilion grounds at all times.
  • Patients must be respectful to other patients and be mindful of noise. Patients will not enter other patients’ bedrooms at any times.
  • Patients and visitors will only smoke in the designated smoking area.
  • Patients will attend groups and one-to-one therapy sessions with the Therapist, fully engaging in the treatment programme unless deemed unfit to do so.

During your stay at The Pavilion you are at an early point in your recovery journey. At this point you are vulnerable and may be experiencing your emotions without the filter of substances for the first time in years. It is common for patients to form bonds and for an exclusive relationship to develop and in turn for you to focus your energies and attention on this rather than on your recovery.

Whilst the distraction and feelings associated with this might be welcomed by both parties, they can become a barrier to fully engaging with treatment. It is important that you remain focused on your own treatment and ongoing recovery and therefore the team at The Pavilion will challenge any patients whom are developing an exclusive relationship, on order to protect each person involved.